renault logoWe are pleased to announce that the latest manufacturers to go live with TrackBack across the UK are Renault and Dacia.

Both brands have seen tremendous success over the past 18 months, and wish to continue this success by ensuring that their dealer network is making the most out of every lead that they receive from the manufacturer.

TrackBack gives both the manufacturer and dealers transparency of the lead follow-up process by integrating our state of the art telecommunication tracking solution with the OEM Lead Management System. This means that the team at Renault UK and the management teams at the retailers can accurately measure:

– If sales people are attempting to contact leads

– Number of attempts made

– Any delays in attempting to making contact

– When successful contact is made

– The quality of the lead follow-up through call recording

– The quality of the sales leads provided

– The outcomes of lead follow-up calls

All of this information is fed back into the current Lead Management System to ensure that customer contact history is accurate and up to date.

Our Renault Account Manager, Claire Bather, comments “We are really excited to be working with these iconic brands. The passion for high quality and timely lead follow-up is shared by both Renault UK and their dealer network” Claire continues “The team at Maple Cross are also focussed on understanding the quality of leads that they supply to their dealers and look forward to helping their dealers improve lead quality by having transparency of the whole lead follow-up process”.

To find out more about TrackBack – visit the TrackBack page on our website.