For VWG and Audi Italia, exceptional customer experiences with both the Brand and the dealer network are a top priority. Following investment in a new Customer Experience Management (CEM) system, Audi wanted to ensure that all customers visiting dealerships to purchase a new car, used car or to have their vehicle serviced are completely happy with their experience.  Dissatisfied customers should be contacted by the dealer, with any concerns being directly resolved. Audi Italia wanted to ensure that they and their dealers fully understand any issues, determine what needs to be done to rectify them, and learn how they can improve the wider customer experience in future.

Having already successfully launched TrackBack with Skoda Italia, the team at VWG Italia approached Trackback to develop a tailored phone call tracking solution specifically to support the customer service function. With a text message-based customer satisfaction rating process already in place, Audi Italia have gone a step further to ensure that their dealerships speak directly with any customers providing a less than perfect service rating. Encompassing both car sales and servicing, Audi Italia selected TrackBack to provide the platform to track these calls, enabling further assessment of customer contact with all results being automatically fed into the existing CRM and CEM systems.

TrackBack developed and rolled out customised versions of its Calls and Email tracking and analysis products, adding a unique range of end-of-call feedback options focussed solely on Audi Italia’s chosen customer service quality metrics. Working with Audi Italia and VWG’s technical team, implementation was completed in April 2023. Commenting on the recent rollout, TrackBack Sales and Marketing Director Ian Perkins said:

“It has been a real pleasure working with Audi Italia and VWG on this project. In today’s super-competitive environment, Brands and their dealer networks are becoming increasingly aware of the need to be as approachable, responsive, and proactive as possible in addressing their customers’ needs. It is really satisfying to see TrackBack’s contribution to achieving Audi Italia’s customer service goals and we look forward to working together again when rolling out this solution across additional VWG brands in Italy over the coming months.”