TrackBackTrackBack is currently used across Europe by a number of car and light commercial vehicle manufacturers to measure exactly how many manufacturer generated sales leads are being contacted by telephone by their dealer networks.

Within the automotive industry, there is a common understanding that following up sales leads creates showroom traffic and sales. However, the dimension of timing is just as important.

Many manufacturers focus on making sure that leads are telephoned with 24 hours of being submitted on their website, but we know that this is not enough…

Our TrackBack reporting system highlights the “Need for Speed”.

From a sample of over 250,000 sales leads per annum, the likelihood of converting a lead into an appointment dramatically increases when contacted by telephone within one working hour.

By comparing test drive request leads that are followed-up by the dealer, by telephone and within one working hour, and then over 24 hours, our data from a number of manufacturer’s highlights that the likelihood of a firm appointment being made between the sales consultant and the customer is trebled.

TrackBack combines the latest telecoms technology with CRM and LMS systems, which allows manufacturers to automatically and accurately measure their dealer’s ability to follow-up centrally generated sales leads and the quality of contact made.

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