peugeot-logo-blueTrackBack is excited to be live with another 255 dealerships in the UK, following the decision by PSA Peugeot Citroen to launch the lead-tracking service to its Peugeot dealer network. The launch of TrackBack to Peugeot’s UK dealer network follows a successful launch to the company’s Citroen dealers in July 2016. The number of vehicle brands working with TrackBack in the UK increases to twelve, representing 28% of all vehicle registrations.

The TrackBack service includes TrackBack.Calls and the recently launched TrackBack.Email. The TrackBack system integrates with Peugeot’s existing Lead Management System and delivers complete transparency of the lead follow-up process for the dealers and Peugeot, without relying on manual dealer feedback.

Both Peugeot and its dealers benefit from the real-time reporting tools, that allow weaknesses in the current sales process to be identified, and measurable action plans implemented to improve the situation.