TrackBack provides a real-time lead tracking and reporting platform to 20 major car brands, powered the top three performers in the Test Drive Award, announced at the Sophus3 Value Creation through the Digital Journey Conference in London earlier this month.

In order to measure lead responses, Sophus3 submitted 10 test drive requests from multiple locations to every major brand’s website over a three-month period. The speed of response by the nearest dealer was then recorded and measured.

The 2016 overall winner was Vauxhall, which has been using the TrackBack platform in the UK since 2011. The average follow-up achieved by dealers was just 10 minutes from receipt of the initial request. Alfa Romeo (2nd) and Fiat (3rd) also use TrackBack.

Marcus Hodgkinson, Chairman at Sophus3, said: “2015 saw a marked improvement in the quality and timeliness of lead follow-ups by auto brands and dealers across Europe. The volume brands made the largest performance strides after falling behind premium brands in past years. This is a clear indication that auto brands are making greater investments in lead management and lead tracking processes.”

Karen Standen, Head of Digital Marketing at Vauxhall, said: “In today’s digital age, it is vital that online customer enquiries are responded to quickly and professionally by our dealer network. TrackBack has given Vauxhall the ability to measure and monitor this process, and has undoubtedly contributed to our success in winning this award.”

Gareth Thomas, TrackBack Managing Director added: “We’re delighted to see how brands such as Vauxhall, Alfa Romeo and Fiat are using the Trackback platform to its full advantage. Through TrackBack, our clients are seeing huge improvements in the speed and quality of lead follow-up, with more and more senior marketing and CRM personnel starting to view the service as indispensable.”

The TrackBack platform provides manufacturers with complete transparency on performance at a national, zone, dealer or even individual member of staff level.  And sales staff like it because they no longer have to manually update the lead management system. TrackBack does this automatically, and always accurately.

Twenty major vehicle brands use TrackBack across Europe, Asia, and Africa, with expansion into North America expected during 2016.

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