It sounds obvious. If someone has shown interest in your product, make sure they remain interested. But that’s not just a matter of sending reminder emails and ticking boxes. It requires sensitive and tenacious skills that only well-trained and experienced professionals know how to deploy to best effect. Too many businesses these days are driven by sales processes that ignore or circumvent the personal touch. We’re constantly being warned that AI and robots will take over jobs and that automated sales techniques are far cheaper and more efficient than relying on humans. Well they might be, but are they more effective at converting interest into sales? For some sectors, this may be the case. But when it comes to selling the second most expensive thing most of us will ever buy, and in the face of so many head-turning competitors, we don’t believe so.

Volvo introduced TrackBack in February this year to monitor their dealers’ follow-up of sales leads. Matt Galvin, recently promoted to Volvo Car’s Sales Director, generously identified TrackBack as instrumental in improving conversions in an interview he gave to Automotive Management announcing his promotion. So whilst we are delighted to have been involved in Volvo’s success, in turn we believe much of the credit should be taken by Volvo’s retail sales teams. Whilst TrackBack help to identify areas for improving customer experiences, it’s the sharing of best practice amongst Volvo’s customer contact specialists that ultimately enable them to achieve the returns they are aiming for.

It’s people, not processes, who sell cars. But you need to know as much as possible about your customers’ experiences as well as recognising what techniques provide the best results for customers, before you can begin to improve results. Volvo use a number of TrackBack services, including call and email tracking, for use both by Volvo Cars and by their dealers to encourage best practice. As an award-winning provider of CX services, TrackBack are delighted to be supporting companies like Volvo who still respect that great people are the essential ingredient for optimising customer experiences, and we look forward to exploring with Volvo many more ways to help their retailers deliver them.