How quick is “quick enough” to respond to online sales leads

What’s the worst response a salesperson can get during a sales call? Up near the top must be: “I am sorry, I have just bought another car.” Which means the customer was in the buying window, but you have missed out on the opportunity because the follow-up was not fast enough. This scenario was captured […]

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Suzuki introduces TrackBack.Email

Email lead tracking

Email lead tracking introduced Suzuki introduces TrackBack.Email lead tracking to its dealer network, to complement the TrackBack.Calls service that commenced in August 2016. While contacting leads by phone is the more powerful and preferred method, many prospective customers leave only an email address, making TrackBack.Email an essential addition to the TrackBack platform. The introduction of […]

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Coming soon TrackBack.Email

In response to demand from our clients, we have invented TrackBack.Email. Currently in beta test, TrackBack.Email will operate on the TrackBack platform alongside TrackBack.Calls to provide brands with visibility of lead follow-up by email together with any customer replies. It will also enable capture of outcomes for the automatic update of client lead management systems. […]

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