In life there are some subjects that just need a conversation. The automotive world is changing faster than at any time in its history, and one of those changes is about when and how to convert from a fossil-fuel car to a climate friendly EV. Many people are nervous and uncertain about the whole idea so they need reassurance and support from the experts.  

There are only two effective ways to hold a meaningful conversation about something as potentially complex as swapping to a new way of operating your personal transport, and that’s in person or by phone. Emails and texts don’t allow questions and answers to develop, where one might lead quickly onto another. For example, “How long will it take to completely charge my vehicle?”, “Well that depends on several factors. What sort or charging device you use, how much charge is required, the type of battery your vehicle has fitted as well as its current condition.” The answer to each of these might then lead to a whole set of additional questions, such as “Will I need to arrange for an additional power supply or charging system to be connected to my property?”, or “How long is my battery likely to give me at least 200 miles range before it needs replacing?” or “How does servicing an EV differ from what I’m used to?”. 

TrackBack can differentiate between calls about EVs and non-EVs. Our data is showing that calls about EVs are taking approximately 3 times as long as sales calls about non-EVs. Not only do buyers need a lot more information, they are also putting off the point where they know they are going to have to make what to many could be a complicated and expensive decision. They also fear that their current fossil-fuel vehicle is rapidly losing value, so they may be thinking about running it into the ground rather than taking the hit quickly to buy a relatively expensive EV alternative… and there’s another part of the conversation that needs patience and perseverance to overcome objections and misunderstandings about subsidies and running costs.

So there’s never been a more important time for dealer sales staff to get on the phone to their customers rather than hope an email suffices.

Not only do they urgently need the sales, the planet needs it!