SEAT UK introduces TrackBack

SEAT UK launches TrackBack’s lead tracking and reporting system following a successful pilot programme.

The TrackBack system integrates with SEAT’s current Lead Management System to deliver leads with trackable contact details to dealers.

Tracking these leads allows management teams at SEAT and their Dealerships to objectively monitor in real-time, how quickly, and how professionally, leads are followed up. This insight helps Dealers to focus on areas for improvement which, in turn, allows them to maximise lead conversion.

Steve Catlin, Head of Sales at SEAT UK, explained the decision to appoint TrackBack: “In today’s competitive market, it is essential that we maximise every sales opportunity, and TrackBack is a key element of a wider programme to ensure efficient Lead Generation and Management. I am confident that Trackback will deliver the transparency we need to properly understand and improve the sales process.”

Gareth Thomas, Managing Director at TrackBack, commented, “We are delighted that SEAT has chosen to work with TrackBack. SEAT UK is putting lead follow-up at the core of their Dealer Standards, so effective measurement of that activity is extremely important. TrackBack will provide SEAT with the insight they need to help them, and their dealers, maximise the sales opportunities from the leads created by their marketing activity.”

Further information

For more information about TrackBack, or to request a demonstration, call +44 (0)203 13 13 111 or email