MG Motor Belux launches TrackBack

MG Launch

We are pleased to announce that MG Motor Belux have chosen TrackBack as their partner to track and report on lead follow-up activity of their Brandstores. Integrating with the current lead management system TrackBack to measure if and when leads are followed-up and with this important information MG can now work with their Brandstores to […]

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Skoda Italia invests in lead follow up to improve customer experience

Skoda Italia

Skoda Italia are the latest brand to roll out TrackBack’s lead follow-up measurement services across their entire dealer network. Fully integrated into their Salesforce lead distribution and management system, TrackBack will measure and report on lead follow-up activity without changing any of their existing processes. Measuring telephone and email follow-up by their dealers, of centrally […]

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Do leads return voicemails?

Do leads return voicemails

One of the questions we often get asked at TrackBack when talking to clients about tracking lead dealer follow-up by phone is, “If the customer misses the dealer’s call but then phones back, can that be tracked and recorded as contact being made?”. The answer now is that it can. TrackBack has introduced its unique Close the Loop product in order to do just that. And what we are discovering is that around 1 in 5 leads who miss a call from […]

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TrackBack adds 8th Brand in Belgium

8th Brand in Belgium

SsangYong is the 8th brand to choose TrackBack in the Belux region where our services are already used by Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Hyundai and Suzuki. Gareth Thomas, Managing Director of TrackBack says “We are delighted that SsangYong have chosen to use TrackBack in Belgium to make sure that every sales lead is […]

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We don’t like making calls. We don’t like receiving calls. But they sell cars.

Fewer and fewer voice calls are being made today. Most of us are more comfortable with messaging, emails and texts. And that’s because we are in control of the conversation. We can’t be interrupted. We can carefully compose responses. And we can ignore questions. We also decide when to respond, if we can be bothered. […]

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Peugeot launches TrackBack to its UK dealers


TrackBack is excited to be live with another 255 dealerships in the UK, following the decision by PSA Peugeot Citroen to launch the lead-tracking service to its Peugeot dealer network. The launch of TrackBack to Peugeot’s UK dealer network follows a successful launch to the company’s Citroen dealers in July 2016. The number of vehicle […]

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TrackBack adds tracking of lead follow-up by email

Combining with market-leading TrackBack.Calls for a complete lead tracking solution TrackBack announces the introduction of TrackBack.Email. This new service allows vehicle manufacturers to track the follow-up of leads sent to dealers that are contacted by email. The new service fully integrates with the market-leading TrackBack.Calls, which tracks follow-up by phone, to give vehicle manufacturers and […]

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Suzuki launches TrackBack to its dealer network to improve lead tracking and reporting

Suzuki introduces TrackBack’s lead tracking and reporting system TrackBack’s industry-leading platform tracks the follow-up of leads passed from vehicle manufacturer to dealer and reports on the outcomes Suzuki launches TrackBack’s lead tracking and reporting system to its 155 dealers today. The programme integrates with Suzuki’s lead management system, providing lead tracking, call recording and real-time […]

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