The faster a lead is called, the more likely a sale will result. TrackBack.Calls will integrate with existing lead management systems to track dealer responses to sales leads. It proves if follow-up calls were attempted, how quickly, when contact was made, what was the result, who made the calls and what was said.

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Not all customers like to be contacted by telephone and prefer to only give an email address when completing online enquiries. Combining TrackBack.Email with TrackBack.Calls provides a complete lead-tracking solution.

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The most effective way to keep customer contact staff on their toes is to witness actual customer experiences. TrackBack.Scan uses our highly trained in-house team to score selected customer call recordings to identify best practice, issues and training needs.

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Using trackable numbers in advertising TrackBack.Inbound shows which marketing initiatives generate calls, when and how well they’re answered. Using the TrackBack Platform’s secure web reporting, organisations can view this vital customer experience data in real time and fine tune their marketing activity accordingly.

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Track Dealer Responses to Sales Leads

The TrackBack Platform has been developed over many years to track dealer responses to OEM sales leads. A combination of diverse client lead management systems and processes, international telecommunications networks, bespoke reporting requirements, complex business rules, and huge volumes of data and calls all performing reliably 24/7 to deliver real-time results for clients around the world has over the course of the past decade thrown up many challenges. Our technology centres in Southampton and Singapore are continually working to stay at the cutting edge of technology whilst never compromising on the great reputation we have earned the hard way. We deliver a TrackBack product that is robust, easy to use and elegantly designed. Behind the scenes our technology is highly complex, but from a client perspective it always appears deceptively simple.


Here are a few examples of the challenges that we have had to overcome:

  • Integrate global telecommunications systems around the world with our UK hub to the point where it is impossible to detect that what appear to be local calls are in fact routing via the UK
  • Create a platform that integrates simply and reliably with any CRM/Lead Management System in real-time
  • Build a reporting structure that is flexible to each of our clients’ needs
  • Develop an infrastructure that is scalable and robust enough to cope with unlimited volumes of leads and calls, yet flexible enough to cope with client and market specific variances in business rules and other requirements
  • Report on lead follow-up activity in both actual and working hours
  • Offer multi-lingual voice prompts and reporting. In some markets we cater for more than one language within each call.
  • Monitor worldwide system performances in real-time including early warnings to detect international telecommunications issues

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There are typically four components to an annual TrackBack service contract:

  • Set-up. TrackBack integrates easily with clients’ existing CRM systems and can take as little as 4 weeks to implement.
  • License Fees. The TrackBack Platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services. It substitutes trackable contact details with client CRM systems; controls international telecom switches and email servers; and provides real-time reporting.
  • Per Lead Charge. Clients typically pay a few pence to add each lead to TrackBack. It often costs our clients tens or even hundreds of pounds to generate each lead, so a few pence to make sure they’re contacted is a sensible insurance.
  • Call Charges. Dealers only ever pay for a local call to connect with the international TrackBack telecom network – even if the call connects to a lead’s mobile number. Once the call reaches the TrackBack system, a second leg of the routing dials the lead using least cost high quality routing. Clients pay these ‘outbound’ call charges at cost plus a nominal handling fee.


At the beginning of the programme, the average response time for our Dealers to get back to customers was about 50% within 4 days. We are now at 90% within a day.

Damian Dally,

Brand Manager, Alfa Romeo

Trackback enables an extraordinary insight into retailer speed and quality of lead follow-up. Within days of using this product we were…..


Andy Palombella

Former Sales Strategy Manager for Vauxhall Motors UK

TrackBack© assisted us to start understanding what was happening with our contact rates. Were the Dealers contacting the customers?


 Claudio Annicchiarico,

Head of Digital, Fiat UK