Effective Marketing Measurement

TrackBack inbound call tracking reveals customer communication by routing calls through our platform using phone number substitution. TrackBack.Calls routes calls made out of businesses usually by car dealers. TrackBack.Inbound routes calls into businesses so they can be monitored and their sources identified.

TrackBack.Inbound provides clients with trackable phone numbers to substitute in advertising and other marketing channels. This not only informs them which sources generate calls, it also enables calls to be recorded (where permitted) for analysis of customer and dealer experiences.

TrackBack.Calls increases lead conversions by monitoring follow-up activity and ensuring that sales processes are optimised. It can also provide detailed feedback about the quality of leads. The more leads dealers receive from their OEMs, the more opportunities they have to convert into appointments. So maximising lead volumes is important, but it is even more important to optimise their quality. Not only will dealers convert a higher proportion of leads they receive, they will also be keener to make those calls. TrackBack.Calls can tell marketing managers which leads were converted and were therefore high quality. TrackBack.Inbound tells them where leads came from if the original enquiry was made by phone. Marketing managers use TrackBack.Inbound to fine tune their budgets to focus on campaigns and sources which generate the most results. And when used in combination with TrackBack.Calls, they can concentrate their budgets on campaigns and sources which deliver the best quality as well as quantity.

Inbound call tracking for OEMs

Available internationally and used by many OEMs, TrackBack.Inbound allows manufacturers to track inbound telephone calls made direct to dealers from phone numbers advertised in campaigns, in directories, and on websites. For example, by substituting dealer phone numbers with TrackBack numbers in Dealer Locators on manufacturer websites, manufacturers can discover how often this resource is being used, how to make it more user-friendly and what their customers experience when they call their dealers. They also learn how long it takes for each dealer to answer the phone (if it is answered), how customers are greeted (if recorded) and many other customer experience insights normally hidden from manufacturers. Real-time reports and recordings are accessed through the TrackBack Platform’s secure online Network Insight tool.

There has always been a debate between manufacturers and dealers about whose marketing is more effective. TrackBack.Inbound enables manufacturers to prove how effective their marketing campaigns actually are. Of course, where the added benefit of call recording is used, it offers even further insight into how these leads are handled and when combined with TrackBack.Scan provides a far more accurate method of measuring customer experience than traditional telephone mystery shopping which measures actors fooling actors.

Inbound call tracking for dealers

Dealers spend vast sums of money on local marketing, both online and traditional channels. Measurement of this activity can often rely upon the sales staff remembering to ask the customers where they heard about the dealership.

This method of measurement is usually inaccurate and often means that dealer management find it hard to determine which media to concentrate on.

TrackBack.Inbound for Dealers gives a clear view of which ads generate calls, when, how much they paid for each call, who took it, what was said, and the outcome.

And if dealer staff know calls are being recorded, they tend to perform better.

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TrackBack.Inbound for Dealers offers:

  • Dealers securely manage their own numbers online and in real time
  • Downloadable call recordings
  • Outbound call recording option
  • Unique ‘End Of Call Feedback’ facility allows capture of call outcomes and identity of staff member
  • Fast set up. No special hardware or software required
  • Save money by identifying which ads and media really work
  • Measure response quality not just numbers of calls
  • Identify geographic location of callers (UK only)
  • Compare campaigns and creative approaches
  • Understand calling behaviour 24/7 and tailor staffing availability accordingly
  • Be alerted instantly by SMS and email if you miss a call including the caller’s number
  • Adjust search engine keyword bidding based on calls not just clicks
  • Measure the effectiveness of your website for converting visits into calls
  • ‘Pre-announce’ call source. Customisable short messages played before caller connects alerts receptionist to give appropriate greeting and correctly redirect the call

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Secure Online Reporting

We understand the importance of having just the right amount of your data at your fingertips when your need it. That is why we have developed a suite of powerful reports for our clients that are comprehensive as well as easy to navigate and understand.

Secure comprehensive reporting is available on the TrackBack Platform for both Head Offices and for Dealers.

Network Insight – Head Office Reporting

Working alongside our clients we have developed Network Insight to offer manufacturers and their field staff a responsive secure online reporting facility. 

Network Insight can drill down from Global to Market, Region, Area and Dealer levels, and can be further broken down by Campaign and even by Salesman.

The data is automatically updated every few minutes so that TrackBack clients can keep up to date with how their dealers are performing at the click of a button.

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Calls2Account – Marketing Measurement and Call Recording for Dealers

Knowing which marketing activity generates telephone enquiries, and how well staff respond to them are important factors for dealer success. 

To provide this insight for individual dealers and groups, we offer a dealer version of TrackBack.Inbound known as Calls2Account (UK only at present but we invite enquiries from other countries). This allows dealers to measure the effectiveness of their own marketing activity on an ongoing basis, understand which initiatives generates enquiries, measure their marketing ROI, gain a clear view of peaks and troughs in call traffic and also have the ability to listen to how well staff respond to customer enquiries through call recording… and if staff know they’re being recorded, they are usually more diligent.

Calls2Account is an easy to use system. It does not require any new hardware, software or special training. By simply changing the telephone numbers to trackable numbers dealers immediately, dealers gain real-time transparency of how well their marketing and sales departments are working.

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