Every lead deserves great follow-up

TrackBack is founded on the simple premise; that every lead is important, and that responding to each lead quickly and professionally is essential.

We have defined a series of core pillars based on our experience, that contribute towards great lead follow-up.


Managing Director


Every lead deserves a fast response

It is unacceptable to ignore even the smallest business opportunity. A quick response (within 1-hour) doubles the likelihood of contacting the customer and securing a sales appointment.

Revealing what happens between customers and businesses

TrackBack provides objective data that uncovers if leads are contacted and identifies areas for improvement within the sales process.

Focusing on lead follow-up improves customer satisfaction

The increased focus on the lead follow-up process provided by TrackBack results in a greater proportion of leads contacted, with significantly fewer customer enquiries ignored. The result is greater customer satisfaction and an increase in sales opportunities for dealers.


Measuring lead performance reduces waste

Measuring lead performance from each marketing campaign identifies the best sources for conversion of leads into appointments. This intelligence improves marketing ROI and will reduce the volume of leads from sources that prove fruitless for dealers to pursue.

Staff act more professionally when accountable for their actions

TrackBack captures phone and email communications between sales teams and leads, revealing individual issues and training opportunities.

Dealers who do their job well should be recognised

TrackBack’s objective measure of lead follow-up allows strong dealer performances to be recognised and rewarded within Dealer Standards or Dealer Incentive programmes.