TrackBack and Chrysalis Loyalty are delighted to announce that the TrackBack lead contact tracking solution is now fully integrated with the Chrysalis Loyalty Key2Key retention software.

Key2Key is an industry leading retention solution that ensures that high-converting leads are identified and presented to Dealers at the right time to maximise the opportunity to create loyalty.

TrackBack allows Dealers and OEMs to measure and improve the sales process using evidence-based lead follow-up tracking.

This partnership helps dealers and funders measure and monitor the outbound communication process throughout the customer lifecycle, ensuring high quality and timely communications aimed at enhancing the customer experience and increasing customer retention.

The enhanced functionality now available means that Dealers and OEMs can now be certain that leads in campaigns have been contacted at the appropriate time. The call recording and analysis capability allows users to identify training needs, ensure that calls are high quality and also, very importantly, ensure calls are compliant with finance standards. Dealers are additionally able to benefit from call outcomes being automatically updated in Key2Key, improving the completeness of reporting.

Mark Fretwell, Commercial Director of Chrysalis Loyalty, said “Chrysalis are delighted to be working with TrackBack. The partnership will help our clients to maximise the benefits of using our Key2Key system and create even greater customer retention”

Gareth Thomas, Managing Director of TrackBack, said “Clients are demanding increasing transparency in the customer communication process. This is especially true in the world of finance where compliance is so important. Working with Chrysalis is the perfect way to ensure that the quality of customer communication is at the forefront of Dealer and OEM customer retention programmes”