Revealing lead follow-up by telephone.

Track phone calls in response to OEM sales leads

Dealers require no special hardware or software and virtually no training. All they need to use TrackBack.Calls is a telephone. All you need to review the lead follow-up activity and listen to their calls is internet access.

This sophisticated, reliable and well-proven contact tracking system has been built and refined over a 10 year period. The result is a deceptively simple and easy to use service which tracks what happens to the leads you pass to your agents for fulfilment and automatically updates your existing lead management system when action has been taken – including your agent’s feedback on the lead outcome and, where it is available, the call recording itself.


Used by Mercedes Benz, Smart, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Vauxhall, Opel, Renault and Dacia to:

  • Objectively measure, in real-time, if and when leads are followed up, by whom, and how long it took.
  • Detect staff ‘Call Reluctance’ (emails, texts, tweets and messages are far less effective than calling to make appointments)
  • Distinguish between call attempts and contacts made
  • View network performance. Aggregate, benchmark and drill down for comparative insight to individual staff level
  • Automatically update existing CRM and lead management systems to reduce manual effort, inaccuracy and delay
  • Record conversations for audits, compliance and to help improve call quality.
  • Analyse lead quality by capturing outcomes (wrap codes) at the end of every call
  • Available internationally

TrackBack.Calls is used daily by over 7000 dealers around the world.

The service is really simple to use, and welcomed by dealers. The sales person simply dials a TrackBack.Calls telephone number and enters a unique lead code when prompted. They are then connected to the customer immediately.

Take a look at our video to see just how easy the system is to use.

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Secure Online Reporting

At TrackBack we understand the importance of having the right data at your fingertips when you need it. That is why we have developed a suite of comprehensive but easy to navigate and understand reports for our clients. Available in over 16 different local languages.

Comprehensive reporting is available at both head office and dealer level.

Network Insight – Head Office Level Reporting

Working alongside our clients we have developed Network Insight to offer the manufacturer and their field staff a responsive online reporting structure.

One log-in can give you access to reports at a global, market, campaign, regional, dealer, lead and call level. You can even access the call recordings through the same portal.

The data automatically updates every few minutes so that TrackBack customers can keep up to date with lead follow-up rates at the click of a button.

Dealer Insight – Dealer Level Reporting

Keeping dealer management teams informed of how well their staff are performing is an important ingredient to the lead follow-up process.

To help our clients we offer a dashboard for each of their dealers called Dealer Insight. This enables dealer managers to view and track their team’s on an ongoing real-time basis.

Dealer Insight displays the key performance data relating to the follow-up process and can be modelled to suit our client specifications. By linking Dealer Insight to manufacturer intranet systems, a single-sign-on ensures that dealers have instant and direct access to secure, meaningful reporting. 

Benchmark Reporting

On average approximately 200,000 leads a month are followed up globally using TrackBack. This generates a huge amount of data that we then use to measure, track and compare a wide variety of performance metrics.

Our dedicated team of account managers work hard to help their clients understand the best way to improve lead follow-up success and to help share industry best practices. A key part of their role is the regular production and distribution of benchmark reports.

Uniquely, as the world’s leading provider of customer communication tracking services for car manufacturers, we can analyse huge volumes of data to provide views of competitive performance within and between clients – whilst naturally ensuring full security and total confidentiality. By comparing brands as well as countries and regions, a wide variety of highly revealing customer contact performances can be extracted and shared.

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