Check if and when lead follow up emails are sent


While it is well-known that responding by phone is far more effective at achieving showroom appointments than sending emails, not all customers like being contacted by telephone. Some prefer only giving an email address when completing online enquiries. Others might prove hard to contact by phone, requiring the sales person to send an email.

Revealing Sales Activity

Being able to reveal if leads are followed up by email is an important part of the sales lead management process. Due to the wide variety of dealer email systems in use, this typically proves hard for manufacturers to detect. TrackBack.Email produces trackable email addresses that integrate with manufacturer Lead Management Systems. Using these addresses captures a customer contact automatically, regardless of the email system used by the dealer. Guaranteeing 100% of leads provided are tracked.

Simple to Use

TrackBack.Email is simple for Dealers to use. They continue to receive leads through their existing Lead Management System and use their existing email systems. No new IT infrastructure or training is required. Sending an email automatically updates the TrackBack reporting and their Lead Management System, reducing Dealer administration.

Increase Dealer Sales

TrackBack gives you the ability to measure the tenacity, speed and quality of lead follow-up. TrackBack.Email means that you can now track the whole follow-up process. If you can measure it you can improve it, and if you improve it you will sell more cars!


Reporting tool for Head Offices and Field Managers

  • Provides information at Market, Region and individual Dealer level.
  • Ability to download Regional and Dealer reports.
  • Dealer download reports ideal for reviewing at every dealer visit by area manager.


Reporting tool for Dealership Managers

  • Provides information at Market Area or individual Dealer level (depending on user credentials)
  • Can be accessed through single sign on form OEM intranet
  • Download reports can be used by Sales Managers at meetings to identify leads not contacted