We listen to customer calls and score them

The most effective way to keep customer contact staff on their toes is to witness actual customer experiences. TrackBack.Scan differs from traditional mystery shops. It uses real life customer communications to reveal best practice, issues and training opportunities.

Our team of highly trained analysts listen to selected calls between customers and dealer staff. Using criteria agreed with our clients, the team score those calls and reports are generated to reveal the standards achieved both for adherence to required processes, such as asking for email addresses and offering test drives, as well interpersonal ‘soft’ skills such as politeness and a desire to help.

TrackBack.Scan offers an invaluable and objective measure of actual customer experiences. This helps manufacturers provide targeted training programs that are based upon real experiences and trending issues.

Some of the reasons our clients use TrackBack.Scan: 

  • Saves their managers from having to do a time-consuming and boring, but essential tasks
  • If you don’t prove to staff that every call might be reviewed, they can become complacent
  • Staff think they can guess Mystery Shoppers. TrackBack.Scan keep staff on their toes at all times
  • Clients are measuring actual customer experiences, not actors fooling actors with mystery shopping
  • It’s possible to identify each call by member of staff and department for targeting individuals or teams
  • Easy to select relevant calls since each call can be classified by type or result by pressing keys at end of calls
  • Highly flexible reporting including results of calls by recipient
  • Identify training needs or sales and support process issues


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Secure Online Reporting

At TrackBack we understand the importance of having just the right amount of your data at your fingertip when your need it. That is why we have developed a suite of comprehensive but easy to navigate and understand reports for our clients.

The reporting structures are available at both head office and dealer levels.

Network Insight Scan – Head Office Level Reporting

Working alongside our clients we have developed Network Insight Scan to offer the manufacturer and their field staff a responsive online reporting structure.

The system can report at a global level, market level, regional and area levels, by dealer, and by department.

The data available means that TrackBack.Scan clients can clearly see the level of customer experience being offered at the coal face.

Network Insight

Dealer Insight – Dealer Level Reporting

Keeping dealer management teams informed of how well their staff are performing is an important ingredient to the lead follow-up process.

To help our clients we can provide a dashboard called Dealer Insight to their dealers so that they can measure their performance on an ongoing basis.

Dealer Insight displays the key performance data relating to the follow-up process and can be modeled to suit our client specifications. By linking Dealer Insight to the manufacturer intranet systems the single sign on ensures that dealer management teams can see how they are performing on a minute by minute basis.

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