• TrackBack’s industry leading platform tracks the follow-up of CRM leads passed from vehicle manufacturer to dealer
  • Over two-million leads tracked during 2016, taking the total to over 6-million since TrackBack launched
  • Rapid increase in lead volume is due to TrackBack’s growth across multiple car brands globally.

TrackBack is celebrating a record year, with more than 2-million leads processed through its unique lead-tracking platform during 2016. This takes the total number to over 6-million since TrackBack first went live with Fiat in 2009.

The rapid growth in TrackBack’s services is evidence of the growing number of leads that customers are submitting online, and the increased desire of manufacturers to track if their dealers contact these CRM leads. Indeed, two major new clients, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Suzuki, launched TrackBack to their dealer networks in the previous 12-months, bringing the total number of brands using TrackBack to twenty, operating in twenty-one countries globally.

In addition, TrackBack successfully launched TrackBack.Email in 2016. While it is well-known that telephone follow-up is far more effective at achieving showroom appointments than sending emails, not all customers like being contacted by telephone. Some prefer only giving an email address when completing online enquiries. Combined with TrackBack.Calls, TrackBack.Email provides a complete lead-tracking solution for clients.

Gareth Thomas, Managing Director of TrackBack, commented: “In the past 12-months, we have seen a significant growth in lead volume within our existing customer base. This, combined with the addition of clients such as PSA Peugeot Citroen and Suzuki and the launch of TrackBack.Email has significantly increased the number of CRM leads processed each month making 2016 our most successful year to date. This is a testament to the growing importance of online leads for clients, and their desire to ensure every customer enquiry is responded to quickly and professionally.”