Suzuki introduces TrackBack.Email

Email lead tracking

Email lead tracking introduced Suzuki introduces TrackBack.Email lead tracking to its dealer network, to complement the TrackBack.Calls service that commenced in August 2016. While contacting leads by phone is the more powerful and preferred method, many prospective customers leave only an email address, making TrackBack.Email an essential addition to the TrackBack platform. The introduction of […]

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2016 ENG CRM Conference

TrackBack reveals how to achieve high-performance lead follow-up TrackBack’s Sales Director, Ian Perkins, will reveal the secrets of high-performance lead follow-up at the 2016 E.N.G. Automotive CRM and Marketing Excellence Conference in Amsterdam. His presentation uses the results from over 5-million sales leads processed by TrackBack, providing an unparalleled insight into the lead follow-up process […]

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