• Opel Ireland introduces TrackBack’s lead tracking and reporting system
  • TrackBack’s industry-leading platform tracks the follow-up of leads passed from vehicle manufacturer to dealer
  • Successful global partnership with General Motors extends to twelve markets

Opel Ireland launches TrackBack’s lead tracking and reporting system to its 35 dealers today. The programme integrates with Opel’s Siebel lead management system, providing lead tracking, call recording and real-time reporting to the Opel Ireland dealer network.

TrackBack believes that every customer enquiry deserves a fast and high-quality dealer response, and provides a simple and innovative way to measure this increasingly important part of the retail sales process. As more and more customer enquiries are submitted online, TrackBack integrates with existing lead management systems to detect if, how quickly, and how well dealers contact these customers, and whether these leads result in appointments.

The introduction of TrackBack within Opel Ireland extends the global relationship between TrackBack and General Motors to 12 markets across Europe, Asia, and Africa. TrackBack has worked with Vauxhall Motors in the UK since 2011, who recently won recognition at the Sophus3 awards for an average dealer response time to online test-drive requests of only 10 minutes.

Raymond Costello, National Retail Sales Manager at Opel Ireland, says: “We are delighted to introduce TrackBack to our dealer network. In today’s digital age, online customer enquiries must be contacted quickly and professionally by our dealer network, and TrackBack’s reporting will provide this information in real-time. The success experienced with TrackBack in other markets, and the ease of integration with our existing Siebel lead management system means that using TrackBack is an absolute necessity.“

Gareth Thomas, Managing Director of TrackBack, says: “Our experience with leading automotive brands such as General Motors is that TrackBack will deliver rapid improvements in the speed and quality of lead follow-up by dealers. This leads to a better all-round customer experience and increased sales opportunities for the dealer.”

For further information, contact TrackBack on 0203 484 2222 or email enquiries@trackback.net.

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