Happy New Year!

Inevitably, when the New Year rings in we think about what we have achieved in the last 12 months and where we may be in 12 months time. On a personal level there will be resolutions that in my case rarely last past the first invitation to the pub or inclement weather making it physically impossible for me to do any exercise. From a business perspective it is also worth taking a step away from the day to day grind to look at what has been achieved and what still might be.

For TrackBack 2015 was actually pretty spectacular!

  •  We launched a subsidiary company based in the centre of Singapore. TrackBack Pte was set up in January to service the AsiaPac markets and has been run successfully by Albert Chow. It has been genuinely exciting incorporating our Singapore team into the TrackBack business and they have made an invaluable contribution to ongoing business and new product development. It is also quite nice for me to get some warm weather during the cold winter months!
  • In terms of clients we have developed and in most cases launched TrackBack for clients in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg, Ireland, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, India, UAE and Qatar.
  • We have also integrated TrackBack with a major client’s new Global CRM tool, Siebel.
  • We have rolled out Dealer Insight for clients across Europe and Asia.
  • The technical team in Southampton have redesigned and rebuilt significant aspects of the TrackBack system itself and also the vitally important reporting tools. Some of these changes have already been implemented improving robustness and reliability. Some of the more significant ones are currently in testing and will be rolled out this year, improving the speed, scalability and efficiency of our service.
  • We moved two of our major clients to a new telephony supplier with no outages or degradation of service.
  • We have developed our inbound tracking service across 5 main European markets and are now tracking hundreds of thousands of inbound calls outside the UK for the first time.
  • As a business we have grown dramatically in 2015 and there are now 7 more full time employees.
  • We have developed our agile project management protocols and formally implemented our scrum-based sprint management structure that helps us to effectively plan, manage and control the ever increasing volume and complexity of IT projects and tasks.
  • In Southampton and Singapore we have restructured so Technical Support has been separated from the development team and we have strengthened our level 1 Customer Support team in Teddington. The 3 support teams work together to deliver a unified and consistent approach to issue management and the all-important customer communication.
  • We also managed to attend and speak at a number of conferences, develop a healthy sales pipeline, rename ourselves and launch a new website!

So what does 2016 hold, apart from one extra day, an Olympics and a fat grey-haired Managing Director running a half-marathon (the word running may be an exaggeration, the words fat and grey-haired unfortunately are not)?


  • trackback 2016We will continue to provide excellent products and service for all our existing clients whilst developing our client portfolio still further.
  • We will be rolling out the new TrackBack microservices solution and reporting that has been developed in 2015.
  • We will be launching TrackBack for Peugeot and Citroen.
  • We will be launching TrackBack.Email so we will be tracking both telephone and email communications between Dealers and customers.
  • We will be developing our business base in the AsiaPac Region.
  • We hope to be opening a second subsidiary company in Detroit in the first part of 2016.
  • We will also roll-out our Siebel integration across Europe.

Most importantly of all, I hope that 2016 brings health and happiness to all of you, there is nothing more important than that!