Kia Spain to maximise lead conversion with TrackBack

Kia Spain has always understood the value of fast and effective OEM sales lead conversion. As several of its larger dealerships already employ dedicated lead follow-up staff to great effect, Kia Spain recognised the need for an additional solution to help maximise conversion of leads into showroom visits – and sales – across their entire […]

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Exceptional customer experience at the heart of Audi Italy’s TrackBack rollout.

For VWG and Audi Italia, exceptional customer experiences with both the Brand and the dealer network are a top priority. Following investment in a new Customer Experience Management (CEM) system, Audi wanted to ensure that all customers visiting dealerships to purchase a new car, used car or to have their vehicle serviced are completely happy […]

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MG Motor Belux launches TrackBack

MG Launch

We are pleased to announce that MG Motor Belux have chosen TrackBack as their partner to track and report on lead follow-up activity of their Brandstores. Integrating with the current lead management system TrackBack to measure if and when leads are followed-up and with this important information MG can now work with their Brandstores to […]

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Skoda Italia invests in lead follow up to improve customer experience

Skoda Italia

Skoda Italia are the latest brand to roll out TrackBack’s lead follow-up measurement services across their entire dealer network. Fully integrated into their Salesforce lead distribution and management system, TrackBack will measure and report on lead follow-up activity without changing any of their existing processes. Measuring telephone and email follow-up by their dealers, of centrally […]

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Do leads return voicemails?

Do leads return voicemails

One of the questions we often get asked at TrackBack when talking to clients about tracking lead dealer follow-up by phone is, “If the customer misses the dealer’s call but then phones back, can that be tracked and recorded as contact being made?”. The answer now is that it can. TrackBack has introduced its unique Close the Loop product in order to do just that. And what we are discovering is that around 1 in 5 leads who miss a call from […]

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TrackBack extend technology lead with AI and natural language processing

  TrackBack extend technology lead with AI and natural language processing At TrackBack we are proud to be regarded as the European leaders in tracking and reporting to OEMs about the lead follow-up activity of their dealers. We are also excited to announce our R&D results in natural language processing and AI. Whilst lockdown has typically meant […]

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TrackBack Integrates with Chrysalis Loyalty

TrackBack and Chrysalis Loyalty are delighted to announce that the TrackBack lead contact tracking solution is now fully integrated with the Chrysalis Loyalty Key2Key retention software. Key2Key is an industry leading retention solution that ensures that high-converting leads are identified and presented to Dealers at the right time to maximise the opportunity to create loyalty. […]

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