Combining with market-leading TrackBack.Calls for a complete lead tracking solution

TrackBack announces the introduction of TrackBack.Email. This new service allows vehicle manufacturers to track the follow-up of leads sent to dealers that are contacted by email. The new service fully integrates with the market-leading TrackBack.Calls, which tracks follow-up by phone, to give vehicle manufacturers and dealership managers a single, comprehensive view of lead follow-up by either method.

Both TrackBack.Calls and TrackBack.Email integrate with a vehicle manufacturer’s existing Lead Management System, causing minimal disruption to the existing processes for vehicle manufacturers and dealers alike. The technology employed by TrackBack is designed to allow dealers to continue using their existing telephone and email systems since it works by substituting lead contact details with trackable versions. Real-time integration with the manufacturer’s existing Lead Management System enables TrackBack to automatically update it about follow-up activity, thereby reducing dealer administration and maintaining an accurate contact history.

Gareth Thomas, Managing Director of TrackBack, commented: “The launch of TrackBack.Email is an exciting and natural extension of our popular TrackBack.Calls service. It is something our existing clients have been asking for, as an increasing number of their prospects provide only email details when responding to marketing campaigns.”

Gareth continues: “Our experience with leading automotive brands in over 20 countries is that insight from TrackBack can deliver rapid improvements in the speed and quality of lead follow-up by dealers. This leads to a better all-round customer experience and increased sales for the dealer. In addition, brands learn a great deal about the quality of their leads and the campaigns that generate them. TrackBack reveals fast and accurate insight into sales and marketing processes which were previously hidden.”

TrackBack, established in 2005, initially provided inbound calling services to franchised dealers and vehicle manufacturers. Since then, the TrackBack platform has expanded to detect outbound telephone calls and emails, together with a comprehensive reporting suite. This growth means TrackBack is now the global leader in lead tracking with more than five million leads tracked to date.

The TrackBack platform is unique in providing vehicle manufacturers with the ability to view all their dealers’ telephone and email follow-up to the leads they provide. This gives manufacturers complete transparency on performance at an international, national, zone, dealer or individual level. It also automatically feeds each lead’s contact history back into the vehicle manufacturer’s existing lead management system, thereby reducing dealer administration and maintaining objective accuracy.

Twenty major vehicle manufacturers use TrackBack in twenty-one countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa, with expansion into North America scheduled for 2017.