TrackBack is pleased to be taking part in this year’s Oracle Open World Event in San Francisco, which brings together experts from various industries to discuss CRM systems and future technologies.

Our Sales Director, Ian Perkins, has been invited to sit on a discussion panel during the Automotive Leadership Summit at the Palace Hotel on Monday 2nd October. The Automotive Leadership Summit will discuss how automotive OEMs can get more out of their CRM systems to meet the increasing demand for an excellent and professional customer experience. Working with 26 brands across 21 markets, TrackBack has a vast amount of experience in helping OEM’s improve both the speed and quality of sales lead follow-up, which leads to improved customer engagement and experience.

Prior to the event, Ian Perkins commented: “Lead follow-up plays a key part in customer engagement and experience. The number of people that walk into the dealers on their feet continues to decrease, whilst the number that use their fingers to contact dealers continues to increase. For these customers, a personal, speedy and professional response to their enquiry is key to customer engagement. I am looking forward to sharing our experiences with key industry executives in San Francisco, and of course making new contacts along the way!”

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