Coulsdon AudiIn a recent review with Jason Stanger, Sales Manager at Coulsdon Audi, we were delighted to receive the following feedback:

“We have been using the Calls2Account system in the business for three months now, and I am really impressed with the system. Not only is it easy to use, but it also offers us a valuable insight into the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns at the touch of a button!”

Jason went onto say “I can see exactly how many telephone calls each campaign generates for my sales team, and as Calls2Account records these telephone calls we can instantly review them with the team to make sure that we make best of every opportunity that comes our way. I really could not recommend Calls2Account highly enough”

Ian Perkins, Sales Director at Calls2Account added “The team at Coulsdon Audi are really switched on to the value that Calls2Account brings to their business, and we thank Jason for his valuable feedback”

Written by Ian Perkins | Sales Director | Calls2Account